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Wine Park

Best Reds To Pour, This Winter!

As winter begins to peak, it’s time to uncork some impressive red wines that we’ve handpicked for you to warm the soul and share with family and friends this December.

Each season has its own inimitable way of announcing itself. Summer rudely vaults the mercury and the monsoons impregnate the sky with bulging grey clouds. Winter though has its own subtle method of creeping up on you like an old friend springing a surprise reunion. As temperatures slowly sink, the nip in the air thickens and the winds get sharper, we seek out warmth underneath a thick quilt, a well fed fireplace and the company of loved ones.

Nothing though sates the appetite for comfort during winter like a bunch of hearty and wholesome red wines expressing generous layers of ripe fruit with whiffs of chocolate and sweet wood. There is also the very reassuring backbone of alcohol and fleshy tannins that immaculately absorb the winter chill. So warm up the soul and treat yourself to some of the our finest reds that’s we’re opening up for you this winter. Savour a bunch of stunning reds ranging from elegant French and Italian to expressively bold Australian and South African pours. Drink the best of Wine Park, all through this festive winter. Cheers!

Rolf Binder Halliwell Shiraz Grenache 2017
This red wine from Australia’s best wine region, the Barossa Valley tastes of plums, spice and dark chocolate, with a luscious long finish and velvety tannins.
Thelema, Shiraz 2015
Full bodied yet smooth, this South African family estate red wine is intensely aromatic with inviting flavours of ripe black fruit and spice.
Susana Balbo, Ben Marco Malbec
This expressive Argentine red wine has got notes of berries, pepper and violets and flavours of cherry and coffee, finishing nicely with heartwarming tannins.
IL Poggione, Rosso di Montalcino 2018
One of the finest Italian red wine styles, this ferment boasts a velvety texture and abounding with flavours of blackberry, vanilla and coffee.

Bad Boy

Thunevin, Bad Boy 2016
This garage wine from Bordeaux breaks the rules and yields a cool expression of cherry and vanilla and firm tannic finish.
Vietti, Barbera D’ Alba Tre Vigne 2017
This premium Italian red wine from Veneto has medium body and smooth tannins, abounding with flavours of cherry , vanilla and chocolate.
Saint Cosme Cote Du Rhone 2018
This full bodied gourmet red wine from the Rhone Valley abounds with aromas of lavender and cherries with soft tannins on a long finish!
Bodegas Maurodos, Prima 2016
Produced in the heart of Spanish wine country, this strikingly delicate red wine has intense flavours balanced by silky texture and oak maturity.