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Cheer On Sauvignon Blanc With Six Of Our Brightest

Toast International Sauvignon Blanc Day with six of our brightest styles of this noble white wine the world loves to drink. Celebrate the world’s second most planted white grape on its epic day.
There’s only a small clique of wine grapes that have an entire day of the year earmarked to celebrate and savour. Imagine the pull and appeal of Sauvignon Blanc given that the noble French grape enjoys top shelf status in this select club and International Sauvignon Blanc Day (May 5) commands high attention. Sauvignon Blanc is factually a French native but in truth, belongs to the whole world. Sauvignon Blanc originated in France’s Loire Valley where cool continental climes and granite sand soils yield a perfumed and fruity white wine with mineral touches that enchant the orthodox purist. The appellations of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé are adored for sublime aromatic and smokey styles while neighbouring Bordeaux crushes the grape to make dry and sweet wines, some barrel aged.
It is Sauvignon Blanc’s international odyssey however that makes for a great wine bar story, plonking the wine alongside Chardonnay as one of the world’s most planted white wines. Sauvignon Blanc has a glistening modern history of having rooted itself in and adapted to several terroirs across the world, turning out a number of diverse styles. In the new world, Sauv Blanc has unlocked copious layers of flavours and added dimension to its texture. Sauvignon Blanc also played a significant role in the emergence of many new world countries like the US, Chile and Australia. But nowhere outside France has Sauvignon Blanc found its best expression than in New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc’s turn in New Zealand’s Marlborough region catapulted this fruit forward wine into nearly every home cellar and wine list.
Known as Marlborough “Savvy”, this overtly fruity style of Sauvignon Blanc stunned the world into drinking lots of it. Cool climate coupled with ample sunshine and gravel and stone laden soils along with deft wine making have crafted a hallmark wholesome style beaming with citrus, grapefruit and pair, gush of acidity and clean finish. South Africa’s Sauvignon Blanc commands plenty popularity too for its distinctly herbaceous style. South Africa’s cool regions south of Cape Town, namely Stellenbosch thrive on cool oceanic winds and granite soils yield Sauvignon Blanc that yield a sumptuous balance of bright tropical fruit and fresh capsicum lit up with vibrant acidity. And Wine Park’s collection of Sauvignon Blanc encompasses the finest styles handpicked from the old and new world featuring classic New Zealand and interesting barrel aged expression, herbaceous South African, rare Italian and more. Toast International Sauvignon Blanc Day with six of our best. Cheers!
Dog Point, Sauvignon Blanc 2022
Our top pick of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is organically vinified from top quality fruit picked from the estate’s windswept vineyards on South Island. The proof impresses in the glass — this wine is vintage New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, bursting with fresh citrus, honeydew melon and pears on the palate, buoyed by crisp acidity and mellow finish.
Sattlerhoff, Sudsteiermark Sauvignon Blanc 2018
Austria’s cool climes give its vintners the choice of turning out a classic Old World Sauvignon Blanc, captured perfectly by this lovely estate wine that charms with notes of lemon zest and cut grass complimented by citrus and grape fruit flavours laced with a nice acidity.
Man Family, Sauvignon Blanc, Warrelwind 2022
Man Family has succeeded in honing a vibrant fruity and herbaceous expression with their flagship ‘Sauv Blanc’. The wine is named Warrelwind as a nod of whirlwinds cool the grapes even as the sun ripens them, leading to a refreshing and flavourful wine laced with creamy texture and delightful finish.
Brancaia, IL Bianco 2021
If you thought Tuscany only makes great red wines, have we got a surprise for you. Our sumptuous white wine, Brancaia, IL Bianco 2021 has been produced in Chianti by a prestigious Tuscan estate from Sauvignon Blanc and touch of Viognier. This crisp ferment minted in Tuscany’s sunny appellation dazzles with notes of grapefruit and mango, lifted by nice acidity.
Saint Cosme, Little James’ Basket Press White 2021
While Sauvignon Blanc was birthed in Loire Valley, the Rhone has taken in the grape and fashioned exciting turns. Top among them feted family estate Saint Cosme’s blend of Sauvignon Blanc and aromatic Viognier. The wine when chilled delights with fresh tropical fruits like mango, lychee and grapefruit as well as floral and limestone notes. So twist the screw cap and pour of this Rhone Valley expression alongside salads , grilled fish and shrimp.
Dog Point, Section 94, Sauvignon Blanc 2020
Sauvignon Blanc is the crowning glory not just for New Zealand’s celebrated Marlborough vineyards but the dexterous owners of some of its most nurtured parcels. Dog Point has taken things up a notch with this barrel aged Sauv Blanc. Oak matured white wine is as rare as it is challenging to make and this wine, made from fruit picked from a single vineyard more than 30 years old and matured for 18 months takes on a layer of sumptuous opulence and complexity whilst retaining that unmistakable Kiwi exuberance.