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Crack Up Some Champagne Myths On Its Greatest Day!

International Champagne Day is the best possible one to dispel some longstanding myths about this most love French sparkling wine
International milestones decidated to wines aren’t novel and have been celebrated for decades though the social media age seems tailormade to scale up and connect the celebrations, weaving it all into one truly global event. And if one wine more than most deserves its day of revelry, Champagne’s the one. Why, Champagne itself is the veritable synonym for celebrating milestones and success. This uncontested king of sparkling wine produced in the misty and cool climes of Champagne in northern France is the eternal metaphor for cherishing success and crowning birthdays and anniversaries. So it doesn’t get better than International Champagne Day (October 22) when the world raises a toast to the sumptuous bubbly with a magnum or two of their favourite Champagne. It’s also a good time to bring Champagne appreciation into the modern age where it is now experience by dispelling some myths ranging from the historically erroneous to just plain silly so as you pop the cork on your favourite Champagne, draw a line under these five myths about Champagne you no longer have to suffer.
Champagne Can Only Be Enjoyed In Flute Glasses…
Now there’s no doubting that all us Champagne lovers have had our first and maybe some of our best memories of the fine bubbly in tall tulip glasses and but that doesn’t stop us seeing the light of better facts. All wines including Champagne express themselves best when poured into crystal glasses with more room to breathe and unlock flavour. A classic white wine glass does a far better job of that than a tulip glass. Most experts have already made this choice when conducting Champagne tastings and there’s nothing stopping you doing the same to savour Champagne at its best.
Only an aperitif…
Whenever you’re ushered into a party with a welcome glass of Champagne, you know it’s going to be a good evening but Champagne isn’t just an aperitif or a wine meant just for toasting or sipping by itself. Champagne is a great gourmet companion. We already love our Champagne brunches, paring copious glasses of the wine with sushi, barbeque and mains. Champagne in fact expresses intense flavour concentration and high acidity with a touch of sweetness, all of which allow it to pair perfectly with a range of cuisines, especially Indian and Oriental. So don’t wait on a special occasion to pop that cork. Weekend dinners deserve be lifted by the exuberant French bubbly.
Dom Pérignon invented Champagne…
No one can deny that Dom Perignon is one of the world’s best Champagne though if keeping with historical accuracy, you can give the legendary monk the credit for inventing Champagne. Though many aficionados still love to gush over how in on a fateful day in 1697, Dom Perignon accidentally invented Champagne and gleefully declared to his colleagues, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Well, surely it was a huge personal discovery for him though 30 years earlier, English scientist Christopher Merrett wrote an extensive paper on how to infuse fizz into wine. So the ‘methode champenoise’ in a way had been invented across the Channel. However Dom Perignon is rightfully lauded for tremendous research and hundreds of hours spent perfecting the technique. No surprise then that the world’s most iconic Champagne label bears his name.
So with the myths now dunked, time to taste and delight in our handpicked collection of epic Champagnes featuring two of Champagne’s most traditional and boutique houses. Here’s to a sparkling International Champagne Day. Cheers!
Billecart Salmon, Extra Brut NV

A most traditional and refreshing style, this Champagne crackles with bright acidity, creamy mouthfeel and floral notes.

Phillipe Gonet, Blanc de Blanc, Brut NV

This highly rated boutique Champagne balances depth of fruit with freshness, tasting of peach and apple.

Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rosé NV

A highly rated and alluring rose sparkler charms the palate with elegant texture and fresh berry flavours laced with minerality.

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