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Delight Dad With Five Great Bottle Stories, This Father’s Day

Give your dad a day to truly cherish with five stirring bottle stories, this Father’s Day
No one gets to decide which day of the calendar year you must pick to show your father some love. Each of us shares a unique relationship with dad and have our own way of telling him in words or other touching gestures, just how much we love him and what he means to us. We all cherish the journey we’ve taken with our father and everything he’s made us today. Many of us perhaps share the common memory of being busted by dad for underage boozing or better still, having our first taste of alcohol with him. So how about dovetailing that memory with a vinous one this Father’s Day, contained in five great bottles – if you’re dad’s already into wine, he’s gonna love the stories behind each of these ferments and if you’re just getting him started, these handpicked wines
Collavini, Prosecco Brut NV
Now while most celebratory occasion call for an icy Champagne, maybe this time introduce your dad to another trendy bubbly from Italy. Prosecco’s origins date back nearly four centuries but its popularity is relatively recent. It is produced using a unique method called Charmat which turns out a light and refreshing style from the Glera grape, native to Veneto in north east Italy. Our own top selling Prosecco is crafted by the boutique house of Collavini drinks light and delightful, crackling with floral and honeyed aromas and flavours of pear and lemon, finishing clean.
Susana Balbo, Crios Torrontes 2019
Truly an invigorating story of homegrown innovation, Torrontes is a grape conceived by Argentine genius that became and remains an international rage. Indigenous to Argentina’s most significant wine region of Mendoza where this white grape thrives on misty, high hills and makes aromatic and fruit driven wines. The wine’s refreshing style has made it a top summer pick across Europe and emerging wine drinking markets. This particular style excels with lychee and passion fruit flavours, impressing Robert Parker to give this premium screw capped white wine 90 points. Be sure to take your father’s ratings on this South American star.
Dog Point, Pinot Noir 2017
Dog Point, Pinot Noir 2019
Good Pinot Noir is hard to find and stellar New Zealand Pinot, harder still. It’s only fair then that on Father’s Day, you go the extra mile to procure this elusive red but we’ve already spared you the effort. This classic Marlborough expression from cult New Zealand producer Dog Point embodies everything there is to love about New World Pinot . This finicky French grape has shunned most new world countries but took a particular liking to New Zealand’s Marlborough region which enjoys just enough sun to ripen and cool windy nights to evolve a stunningly good grape that the estate’s brilliant winemaker turns into a sumptuous red that expresses perfumed floral notes and palate of ripe cherries and herbs, cradled by the subtlest of tannins.
Brancaia, IL BLU, “Super Tuscan” 2017
If there’s one bottle that promises a surreal tasting experience and great story, this Tuscan red is it. The Super Tuscan revolution is one of modern wine’s most exciting stories where bold and inventive Italian winemakers broke the rules and planted French grapes and then blended the wine with that of native star grape Sangiovese. Among these revolutionary estates was the family estate of Brancaia that was also one of Tuscan’s pioneering organic winemakers. Their Super Tuscan blend titled Il BLU marries the big fruit of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon with the elegance of Merlot to express a divine palate of red fruit, soft texture and supple tannins. Your dad’s gonna love it.
Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz 2020
Aussie reds don’t mess about, these full bodied wines make an impression that no one ever forgets. So how about giving dad a taste of the Australia’s most loved wine produced in its best region by a small, brilliant estate. Shiraz is the red beating heart of Australia’s wine industry. The Rhone Valley grape Syrah was embraced, reinvented and renamed by South Australian winemakers and the region’s Barossa Valley is where the world’s best Shiraz is made. Two Hands Wines gives personal attention to every batch of grapes and its Barossa Shiraz which pays tribute to the cult film The Big Lebowski, impresses with hearty red fruit, a sprinkling of spice and smooth tannins. Save this gourmet red for a dinner to remember with your father.