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Drink Indian this Independence Day!

Celebrate India’s 73rd year of independence by drinking some of the country’s finest wines.

As we celebrate India’s 73 years of independence – a remarkable and constant journey of success and struggle – it’s also perhaps time to recognise another great journey this country has made towards becoming a producer of good wines over the past 30 some years.

While still relatively of modest scale, India’s wine makers have planted and crushed notable French and Italian grape varieties to some success, especially for red wines, and even received international awards. And so, raising a toast to the twin journeys of a nation thriving on freedom and a domestic wine industry that is beginning to come into its own, Wine Park has handpicked six of the country’s finest ferments. This Independence Day, let’s all drink Indian!

Chandon Brut NV

It says a lot for a country’s wine making potential when the world’s largest Champagne producers chooses to build a winery there. That’s exactly what Moet Chandon did in 2016 and subsequently produced this fabulous celebratory sparkling wine, rated as one of India’s best. The Chandon Brut NV abounds with fresh flavours of citrus blossom, green apple and tropical fruits with a hint of vanilla on a pleasant finish.

Sula Sauvignon Blanc 2020

India’s biggest wine producer, Sula enjoyed a lot of its success on the back of this crisp and sprightly white wine which exemplified its new world approach. This sauvignon blanc has evolved over the years from being a fruit forward wine with good acidity to, over time, imbibing some herbaceous notes too. The current vintage has aromas of bell peppers, intermingled with tropical fruits like passion fruit and gooseberry

Daily Dose, Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Wine Park had been importing fine wines for more than 10 years before making its first foray into domestic wine making with a custom produced Cabernet Sauvignon. The vision was to create an expressive yet approachable style. The grapes were sourced from an organic vineyard and the wine was partly aged in French oak barrels. The result was an easy drinking, fruit forward red wine with flavours of red berries and a hint of toast, finishing with soft tannins. True to its name, the Daily Dose red is literally a wine you can enjoy everyday.

Grovers LaReserve

India’ most famous and perhaps oldest red wine blend, the Grovers La Reserve holds a very special place in the history of Indian wine. Produced by one of the founding fathers of the Indian wine industry, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz drew international attention to India’s potential of making noteworthy red wines. And after all these vintages, the La Reserve’s still got it with a palate of luscious red and black fruits balanced by chocolate and vanilla and a long finish.

York, Arros 2018

Boutique wine maker York has been known for its unique approach to red wine blends and this Shiraz Cabernet is a fine example of their effort. The red blend is aged in new and old French and American oak barrels for up to 15 months. The resulting wine has a jammy character and ripe, concentrated flavours of blackcurrant, cloves and coffee, finishing long. The York Arros pairs nicely with kebabs and spicy Indian food.

Fratelli Sette 2017

Italian for the number seven, this wine is the collective vision of its seven brothers who founded Fratelli. Produced in the region of Akluj by epic Italian wine maker Piero Masi where Fratelli is only active winemaker, the Sette is a richly flavoured red blend of French and Italian flagship grapes, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged in French oak barrels for 12 months, the wine displays exquisite balance of structure and flavours of cherry, blackcurrant, chocolate and vanilla on a foundation of velvety tannins that extend its generous finish.