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Five fab wines to uncork this Valentine’s!

As love thickens the air, we’re filling the glasses with our some of our best wines that also nicely fit the bill for a perfect Valentine’s Day Date! It’s on, now!
Valentine’s Day is not one to be trifled with. It’s an important day has a reliable history of triggering many a happy couplings. And none of them can be possible without the Valentine Day essentials – the heart shaped chocolate box and balloons, accurately scented candles and of course, a great bottle of wine with a story to tell. So we’ve diligently scoured our fine collection of vintages and picked out five fabulous wines of charming style and sumptuous flavour that will surely set the tone for a romantic evening and perhaps spark some love of the wine itself. Here’s to a vinous Valentine’s Day. Cheers!
Collavini, IL Grigio Spumante NV
This pleasingly fresh Italian sparkling wine is the perfect pour to break into the evening with its rush of bubbles, crisp acidity and beautiful texture, tasting of citrus and pears. It’s all uphill from here.
Man Family, Padstal Chardonnay 2019
This charming and delicious South African Chardonnay is an all round pleaser that drinks light with ripe upfront fruity notes of lychee and apple, refreshing acidity and crackles with new world energy. The white wine finishes clean with a nice whiff on oak.
Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Rosato 2018
There’s no Valentine’s Day without a rose wine and this time, we’re uncorking our best. This Mediterranean rose produced organically with great care is salmon pink, drinks light and crisp with flavours of cherry raspberry and melon that stays remarkably long on the palate.
Saint Clair, Pinot Noir 2019
Red wine romantics can never stop gushing over the sheer elegance of Pinot Noir and we’ve plucked out the finest of them from the cool climes of New Zealand. This Marlborough Pinot Noir produced by a great New Zealand wine family has aromas of sun-kissed dark berries interlaced with toasted wood and dark chocolate. The red finishes beautifully with a touch of cinnamon spice leads into a savoury finish.
The Chocolate Block 2018
This wine wins the evening with its engaging name and sinful texture. The Chocolate Block is simply a work of fermented art containing flavours of blackberry, vanilla and signature dark chocolate. The wine’s opulent texture and myriad flavours stay on the palate long after the wine drunk and becomes perhaps the evening’s finest memory.