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Four Good Reasons To Drink Red Wine Everyday!

Yes, you can. Drink red wine on the daily and we’re giving you five good reasons your doc will toast to.
Can I drink red wine everyday?
Why of course you can and isn’t that the best new you’ve heard all day or perhaps this week. You can drink red everyday with the caveat of moderation and red wine is perhaps the only alcoholic beverage that owns this bonafide pass from the medical community and here’s five good reasons why:
The antioxidants mother lode
You’ve heard it said plenty that wine is healthy. Well, it is very healthy and that’s because it is high in antioxidants that cleanse our body of free radicals and that translates into a hell of a lot of good. Red wines are made by fermenting grape juice with its skins to be able to extract colour, flavour and tannins. These tannins contain the vital antioxidants, namely proanthocyanidins that is responsible for reducing the dangers of heart disease by unblocking arteries, cancer and diabetes. Now here’s a life insurance policy that sells itself.
Zero Sugar? Almost there
So wine does contain sugar. Wine is made when yeasts convert the grape juice’s naturally occurring sugar into alcohol. So there’s always some residual sugar and red wines have the least of it. Red wines, depending on the style can contain as little as .9 grams per glass. To put that in context, an aerated drink of the same quantity contains 18 grams of sugar. We in fact have a dedicated page for low sugar wines featuring Bordeaux, full bodied Super Tuscans and elegant new world turns. Set the guilt aside and savour some superb low sugar ferments.
Forever Younger
Now we probably buried the lead when we were talking about red wine’s bounty of antioxidants. There’s one that’s really popular for obvious reasons. Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in grape skin that imparts texture and flavour to wine. And among other things, it stops us ageing at the usual rate by preventing oxidation a process that basically kills our cells and makes us older. Red wines have ten times more polyphenols than white wine so better love them reds. Now that you know what resveratrol does, perhaps you already do.
Reds can make you thin
Red wine can burn away fat. Yeah, absolutely this isn’t you drunk reading. Indepth academic research has found that red wine grapes contains high levels of ellagic acid which is known to slow down the growth of fat cells present in the body as well as the build up of new ones. The helpful acid also drives up the metabolism of the liver cell’s fatty acids, helping you burn through calories. In short, wine exercises the body, not just delight the senses. Now we probably had the oenophiles at ‘healthy’. If not then, you’ve probably chose to uncork at ‘thin’. It’s a win-win.