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Nebbiolo is predominantly associated with the Piedmont region which is a red Italian wine grape variety where it makes wines of Barolo, Ghemme and Barbaresco. The name Nebbiolo is derived from the Italian word ‘Nebbia’ meaning ‘fog’.

The wines produced by Nebbiolo are high in tannic content therefore they sometimes takes years of aging to balance the tannins with other characteristics. Nebbiolo covers over 6% of vineyards in Piedmont.

The lighter wines of Ghemme and Gattinara come from the acidic porphyry soils of the hills between Novara and Vercelli. To soften the grapes harsh tannins they are blended with other grape varieties in the Piedmont region.

Interesting Facts

A research in 2004 relates Nebbiolo to two aromatic grape varieties – the Freisa grape of Piedmont and the French Rhone variety Viognier.

Barbaresco, a 1976 vintage wine has the potential for longevity and has taken on the characteristic orange hues of an aged Nebbiolo.