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Pinot Meunier

A black wine grape also known as Schwarz Riesling and is one of the three main varieties used in the production of Champagne. The term Meunier comes from the French word “miller” and is also derived from ‘Dusty Miller’ which is used in England.

Ampelographers has found a unique way to identify Pinot Meunier as its leaves appear downy white as if flour has been dusted on either side giving it a dusty look. Pinot Meunier can produce lighter coloured wines compared to Pinot Noir with a slightly higher acidic level but similar sugar and alcohol levels. This grape variety is used to produce sparkling wine and is one of the three grape varieties used in the production of Champagne.

Interesting Facts

Meunier makes up one-third of all Reims district vineyards and 26,000 acres, nearly 40% of overall vineyards in the entire Champagne appellation.

Out of the total Champagne plantings in Marne district, Meunier is two thirds of all the plantings.