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It is believed that Viognier was originated in Croatia and then was brought to Rhone by the Romans. The highly aromatic and fruit forward nature of the grape allows it to pair well with spicy foods such as Thai or Vietnamese cuisines.

Viognier is prone to powdery mildew, due to which it is a difficult grape to grow as it has to be picked when fully ripe. The grape can grow in cooler as well as warmer environments but needs a long growing period.

Like Reisling wines, Viognier also are well known for their floral aromas which can be improved depending on where they are grown, the weather conditions and the age of the wines.Viognier wines are usually consumed relatively young as it loses perfume on extensive aging.

Interesting Facts

A recent DNA profiling showed that the grape is closely related to Piedmont grape ‘Freisa’ and to be a genetic cousin of ‘Nebbiolo’.

Some synonyms for Viognier – Bergeron, Barbin, Rebolot, Greffou, Picotin Blanc, Vionnier, PetitiVionnier, Viogne, Galopine, Vugavabijela.