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Meal it with Roses!

Rose wines are delicious culinary companions to a great spread of dishes spanning veggies, poultry and seafood not to mention, sinful dessert.
Rose wines make sumptuously floral companions to a wide platter of cuisines – a fact that is not talked up nearly as much as it is for whites and reds. This most cherished of aperitif pours is produced in a number of styles swinging from the light and subtly tinged to crisp and wholesome, salmon pink peaking with floral notes. While rose wines are adored for being accessible, easy drinking aperitifs, its isn’t as widely known just how well the pink wine lends itself to grand gourmet experiences. Rose wines pair splendidly with a variety of dishes, depending on the given wine’s style.

Light and crisp roses go nicely with salad, sea foods and cold cut platters while wines of more intense colour and structure can match up to barbecued poultry. New world roses that sport ripe up front fruit, experts have noted, work especially well with spicy Indian dishes.

It’s an exciting sensory experience that’s still to be fully explored. So we’re getting you started with a bunch of curated suggesions. We’ve picked out a three-course indulgent spread paired with some of the world’s best rose vintages so you know just how good, dinner this week is going to be. Cheers!

Aix Provence Rose 2019 & Veg Caesar’s salad
This perfect match of the Provence Rose with Caesar’s salad is as promising as any gourmand could hope for – the crisp and floral ferment lifts every element of the classic salad, be it the scrumptious croutons drizzled with lemon juice, the salty parmesan shavings and the mound of fresh and bitter lettuce. Sip the French rose first and then munch on the salad in order to best enjoy a pairing that’s deceptively simple and yet bursting forth with cracking good flavour.
Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Rosato 2019 & Butter Garlic Jumbo Prawns
The main course calls for a full on culinary interplay between our finest handcrafted rose and a pair of succulent crustaceans marinated in a creamy and sharp sauce. The Italian rose wine’s berry flavours and minerality amplify the delicate flavours of the fleshy shrimp, teasing out some delicious sweetness and unlocking the butter’s depth of flavour. Crisp and refreshing roses can divine wholesome seafood produce into a super fine culinary experience and this pairing will make you a believer.
Boekenhoutskloof, The Wolftrap Rose 2019 with Strawberry Cheesecake
Yes, rose wines are aces with cheesecake and no, desserts don’t just pair with sweet wines. Our new world rose blend busts that myth with style, cutting nicely through the creamy layers of strawberry cheesecake, brightening the berries’ flavours with great natural acidity and ripe fruit. The rose nicely highlights the cheesecake’s subtle savoury notes, according this dessert pairing the respect that a final course deserves. Come on, there’s space for a second slice and some more crackling pink ferment.