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Our Five Newest Wines, Fresh Off The Boat!

Our bounty of fresh new wines is the perfect reason to upgrade your wine cache today!
It is that time to freshen up the cellar with a palette of new wines meticulously curated from the infinite, heaving library that is the wine world. And we’ve got some stirring surprises like a white wine from the Italy’s prime red wine country, a great value Piedmont wine from the house of Vietti and a classic grower Champagne produced entirely from Chardonnay . There’s so much to like about our newest bunch of ferments. Go on, browse, taste, buy and let us know your notes and thoughts. Cheers!
Brancaia, IL Bianco 2021
If you thought Tuscany only makes great red wines, have we got a surprise for you. Our newest sumptuous white wine, Brancaia, IL Bianco 2021 has been produced in Chianti by a prestigious Tuscan estate from Sauvignon Blanc and touch of Viognier. The refreshing white wine teems with notes of grapefruit and mango, lifted by nice acidity. Chianti is synonymous with divine reds but here’s dazzling proof that the Tuscan appellation has the chops to vinify superb white wine too.
Phillipe Gonet, Blanc de Blanc, Brut NV
The addition of a new Champagne is always a significant event and if the bubbly happens to come from an esteemed grower Champagne house, it’s a landmark. That’s how we feel about this delectable Champagne produced from Chardonnay. Handpicked fruit from the haloed vineyards in Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne and Montgueux – prime Chardonnay appellations all – the Champagne crackles with supple freshness and minerality. The wine expresses notes of brioche and stone fruit and flavours of peach and citrus, finishing clean. The wine is unsurprisingly rated 91 points by Wine Spectator.
Gramona, La Cuvee, Brut Gran Reserva 2017
The star of Cava has been undeniably rising across the wine world on the dint of the Spanish sparkling wine’s wholesome palate and fresh character. Our latest selection from the pioneering Catalunya house of Gramona is sparkling affirmation of Cava’s massive popularity in India. This vintage Cava has evolved towards its great potential and still retains delightful freshness. The bubbly glistens with intensity of citrus, grapefruit and apples and just a touch of herbs. Produced organically, this vintage Cava is a rare treat to the senses.
Robertson Winery, Natural Sweet Rose Wine NV
Robertson Winery is less an enterprise and more a community driven effort to make wines that best define this sunny and underrated region on the Western Cape. The region also nurtures a unique South African treasure of natural sweet wines of which the red and white wine have already been well received when we introduced them late last year. And now we complete the selection with the natural sweet rose that sports a intense coral pink colour that will remind us Indians of unctuously sweet rose sherbet. The wine itself, a classic day drinking aperitif that blends Ruby Cabernet, Chenin Blanc and Colombard crackles with floral and fruity tones, best enjoyed chilled at 12 degrees.
Vietti Perbacco Langhe Nebbiolo 2019
Vietti has long been lauded at one of Piedmont’s pioneering family estates for good reason. Their Barolo and Barbaresco wines are regarded by critics and enthusiasts as the gold standard for a region that stands as tall as Tuscany for the ability to turn out bold and elegant reds. And the latest addition to our Vietti trove is an approachable, medium bodied Nebbiolo stye that’s an ideal first step before tasting the bigger Barolo and Barbaresco wines. This accessible style delights the palate with generous red fruit and touch of spices and mint, cradled by soft tannins. The immaculately barrel aged red wine and has been rated 4.0 by Vivino.
Saint Cosme, Chateau De Rouanne Vinsobres Rouge 2020
Grenache is Rhone Valley’s unsung hero that continues to shine albeit under the shadow of the venerated Syrah grape. But this bold and full bodied Grenache expression from Southern Rhone shows just what this originally Spanish grape is capable of. Saint Cosme’s chief winemaker Louis Barruol has honed and mastered its Grenache style, enhancing it with organic viticulture and the results are stunning. The wine’s bold character is immaculately balanced by floral and peppery notes and flavours of raspberry, black pepper and sumptuous length.