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Pinot On Its Day!                                           

August 18th is International Pinot Noir Day and a good one to immerse your self in the eternal life and flavours of this elegant red wine

It is that time of the year to immerse the palate in perhaps the world’s most elegant yet complex red wine. August 18th is International Pinot Noir Day and tell you what – if any grape deserves a day, this elegant one does! There’s a lot to celebrate about Pinot Noir. It’s native to the French region of Burgundy where it still yields over 80 different styles and some mighty expensive ones.

Pinot Noir is also one of the two vital grapes that go into making Champagne, the queen of all sparkling wines. Pinot Noir has also extensively travelled the world, albeit choosing to settle in very specific, cool climate regions where it has yielded sublime wines. Be it the American regions of California and Oregon, Chile’s San Antonio region, Elgin Valley in South Africa or New Zealand’s epic Marlborough that’s arguably considered Pinot Noir’s best New World home – take your pick and you’ll be rewarded with a wine of elegance, depth, concentrated aromas, generous red fruit expression and earthy minerality.

For winemakers Pinot Noir provides the twin satisfaction of tasting great wine and boosting one’s credentials because you can make good Pinot Noir, you can make any wine, so goes the belief. Pinot Noir is a thin skinned and temperamental grape that doesn’t just grow everywhere but where it does, it produces a unique flavour memory. So raise your glasses to International Pinot Noir Day and check out Wine Park’s collection of Pinot Noirs at

Saint Clair, Pinot Noir 2019

This Pinot Noir from New Zealand’s epic Marlborough region is a delicate wine with a beautiful balance of strawberry, raspberry and minerality, complimented by silky tannins.

Stark-Conde Karatara Pinot Noir 2019

This South African red wine from the cool climate region of Elgin is elegant with flavours of red cherry and strawberry and hint of spice.

Cloudy Bay, Pinot Noir 2018

Fine proof of Marlborough’s reputation for producing great Pinot Noir, this red tastes of cherry and plum leading to silky tannins on the finish.