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Wine Park

Reimagine Diwali Gifting With Wine Park

Celebrate your loved ones this Diwali with a range of curated wine gifts. Wine Park has crafted a range of exclusive wine gifts to please every palate so give your family and friends a fine wine gift to remember, this festive season.
The festival of lights celebrates tradition, culture and above all, family and friends. Diwali is the prime occasion to connect with and appreciate those we truly love and appreciate. And what better way to do it than with a truly grand wine gift. This October, Wine Park has reimagined the art of Diwali gifting with a limited edition range of curated wine gifts to please every palate. Pick from an array of handcrafted wine gifts and hampers featuring our best selling and rare wines, paired with boutique chocolate and scrumptious snacks. Reimagine Diwali gifting, this festive season. Cheers!
Sparkling Italian Charm Featuring Bisol, BELSTAR Cult, Prosecco Extra Dry NV
Celebrate your cherished ones with this alluring Prosecco, Italy’s best bubbly style, bursting with citrus and apple tempered by minerality, making for the perfect festive aperitif. This fabulous sparkler is presented in a handmade wooden case.
Bold New World Featuring Thelema Mountain Red
Bowtied in a rustic custom made basket, Thelema, Mountain Red 2017 is a beautiful barrel aged South African red blend crafted to perfection and vinified in South Africa’s Western Cape, regaling with full bodied elegance and bright red fruit, matched with a luscious Entisi Chocolate Bar, cookies, almonds and more.
Barrel Aged Bestseller Featuring Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Corvina Red
Lovingly vinified Italian red wine that shines with rich fruit and superb texture, Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Corvina beams with floral notes, red fruit flavour and soft tannins. Indians wine drinkers simply can’t get enough of this sumptuous Veneto red, lovingly vinified the cool northern Italian climes, pairing nicely pairing nicely with craft Swiss chocolates and sugar crackers.
Grand Vinous Spread Featuring Vinologist Cabernet Sauvignon
South African ‘Cab’ is universally adored and this Western Cap style is one of the reasons why – wholesome bouquet of ripe red fruit and whiff of spice. This adventurous style crafted by South African wine legend Marc Kent couples perfectly with chocolates, almonds and peanuts.
Wine Party Heaven Featuring Saint Cosme, Cote Du Rhone
This classic Rhone Valley red is the ideal Diwali party pour and gourmet companion abounding with aromas of lavender and cherries with soft tannins on a long finish! This epic and ripe French red wine is elevated by accompanying boutique chocolates, almonds, peanuts and salted nuts in this inviting wine hamper.