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Wine Park

Take The Bait Of Madfish

Discover Madfish, the newest Aussie winery to join the Wine Park family this July and be the first to taste our selection of Madfish’s three epic wines.
Be the first to take the hook of the wines of Madfish, the newest estate to join the Wine Park family. Nestled in Western Australia’s cult region of Margaret River, the winery draws its name from MadFish Bay and elegant, easy drinking expression from the fruit it’s team harvests from select parcels rooted in Margaret River soils blessed with Mediterranean climate and cool ocean breeze. MadFish also harvests vineyards in the Great Southern wine region, a vast and picturesque area that sits between mountain and ocean The estate’s philosophy is rooted in the wild spirit of the space and the easy going yet adventurous nature of its people.
MadFish was founded in 1992 by Jeff Burch, an avid surfer and lover of wine with a deep understanding of Western Australian terroir. MadFish defines its style as being all about simplicity, enjoyment and regional character. The wines are refreshing and meant to drink now with vibrant fruit and good acidity, also making them quite food friendly. Margaret River has a fervent international following thanks to the uniquely pleasing character of its wines, helped by cool ocean winds and clay and gravel soil similar to Bordeaux. MadFish also harvests vineyards in the Great Southern wine region, a vast and picturesque area that sits between mountain and ocean, making cool climate wines of nice finesse.
Wine Park launched Madfish in Maharashtra in July, shipping in its three popular wines, notably MadFish, Sauvignon Blanc Semillion 2022, a classic Australian white blend, MadFish, Shiraz 2021, a softer style of the Aussie red and MadFish, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2021, an elegant red blend. Goa, Karnataka and Telangana later this year. Wine Park founder and head, Vishal Kadakia said, “I am happy to announce the launch of MadFish wines in India. I have been keen to bring MadFish’s wines to India for some time now. I had in fact tasted MadFish wines over 17 years ago in the US and quite liked the distinct Western Australian style. While there are some good South Australian wines available in the Indian market, Western Australia has been conspicuously underrepresented.” Vishal believes that Indian wine drinkers will find it interesting to compare the Margaret River style of Shiraz to that of the Barossa Valley. “In comparison to the bold and big Barossa Valley Shiraz, Margaret River makes a rounder, softer style with smooth tannins,” he said.
MadFish, Sauvignon Blanc Semillion 2022
Classic white blend crackles with guava, citrus zest and herbs.
MadFish, Shiraz 2021
Light bodied Shiraz beams with cherry, plum and gentle tannins.
MadFish, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2021
Smooth blend expresses succulent fruit, mocha and spice, finishing long.