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Wine Park

Perfecting the homely wine experience

We’re debuting our video series with a fun and vital insight into everything you need to enjoy wine at its best in the comfort of your home.

Wine is a ferment and in equal measure, an experience. No amount of descriptive text can substitute the joy of tasting a sublime wine in good glass at the right serving temperature. Yes, you’ve got to get all of this right and you definitely will if you love wines. For proof, right here we have Wine Park founder and head of Wine Park telling us all about how to perfect the homely wine drinking experience.

Vishal shines a light on everything you need to have an awesome wine experience at home. Vishal touched upon all the tools you need and the importance of good crystal wine glasses to properly appreciate the wines. He emphasised the importance of storing wines well and how long to chill them so that they’re served at just the right temperature.


Vishal also spoke about how to prevent wine spoilage by either using a good wine stopper or a wine preservation gadget so you can continue enjoying the bottle thorough the week!. The effort is simple and more than worth it for the reward of tasting a given wine at its possible best. And the highlight of the video is the quartet of great international ferments handpicked by Vishal himself. So go on, perfect your homely wine experience like Vishal just did!

Wines featured in the video:

Gramona, La Cuvee, Brut Gran Reserva 2013

Spain’s answer to Champagne, this sparkler is a lively pleaser with flavours of cherry and salted almonds complimented by a creamy texture.

Quinta Di Cabriz, Selecionada 2017

This delicious Portuguese red wine expresses flavours of plum, cinnamon and toast, complimented by silky tannins on a long finish.

Dominio Del Plata Crios Torrentes 2019

A local Argentine star of a white wine with fresh acidity, pleasing floral aromas and tastes of citrus and peach.

Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Rosato 2018

This rose wine is salmon pink, drinks light and crisp with flavours of raspberry and is a great weekend brunch companion.