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Six Chardonnay styles you oughta taste now

Treat yourself to six distinct styles of Chardonnay across the new and old world, all available now at

Chardonnay is widely hailed as the most versatile white wine variety that has lent itself to many expressions and thrived in different soils and climates. It is far and away the most planted white wine variety in the world and therefore unsurprisingly has many styles to its credit. Wine Park notably has in its collection, at least six distinct styles you must try. 


Christian Moreau, Chablis 2018


From the esteemed Burgundian estate of Domaine Christian Moreau, here’s a fine example of classic Chablis – expressive layers of flavours from apple and pear to citrus, complemented by fresh acidity, finishing with a whiff of minerality. This Chardonnay, produced from vines that grow in the very heart of Chablis, is a fine example of the region’s unique style. And it’s terrific with soft cheese, zesty salads and seafood platters.

Passopisciaro Passobianco Etna 2017


Do you think its possible to make wine at the foot of an active volcano? Well, Passopisciaro from Sicily does just that and rather successfully. For proof, here’s their Chardonnay — a straw-gold coloured with aromas of honey, apple and a hint of toasted almonds with a fascinating backbone of volcanic ash and sea salt – welcome to Mediterranean Chardonnay! On the palate, there’s peach, apricot and dry fruit balanced by minerality on the finish. This white’s a great one for barbeque meats, shrimp salad and an al dente seafood risotto.

Vincent Girardin, Meursault Premier Cru “Charmes-Dessus” 2013


We earlier showcased the Chablis and now here’s another distinct, opulent expression of Chardonnay from the varietal’s birthplace. Vincent Girardin produces this rich, full bodied white in true Meursault style. The barrel aged wine has notes of honey, toasted bread and lemon peel and sings with flavours of lemon, orange peel and walnut, balanced by crisp acidity. This Burgundian Chardonnay is a great companion to pasta, chicken and smoked salmon!

Querciabella, Batar 2016


Imagine this – one of Italy’s most awarded whites wines, produced in a region wildly famous for red wines. Yeah, that’s the Batar. The Tuscan family estate of Querciabella produces this Chardonnay blend using biodynamic practices and philosophy of creating pure quality. And it shows sumptuously on the wine. Aged for nine months in barrel, this ferment shines with a delicious balance of fruit, dry fruit and oak. There’s flavours of apples, lemon, almond and vanilla leading to a delectably creamy finish. This Chardonnay blend is a big occasion in itself and a great gourmet wine.

Man Family, Padstal Chardonnay 2019


There’s serious barrel aged Chardonnay and then there’s super approachable and value driven Chardonnay one can daily day drink! The Man Family Chardonnay is all that with the added hallmark of the South African fresh fruity style. Nose the wine to delight in the lychee and peach upfront and sip to discover flavours of lime, citrus and green apple with a whiff on oak on the finish. This Chardonnay is perhaps ideal for Indian dinner table as it shines alongside a curry and tandoori chicken while seafood’s always a great pairing.

Apaltagua, Gran Verano, Chardonnay 2018


Proof that Chardonnay can grow and evolve in just about every continent, this value Chilean wine boasts intense, fruity aromas and flavours or peach, mango and pineapple. This un-oaked, fruit forward Chardonnay stays on the palate longer than one might expect. Salmon and soft cheese sat alongside a glass of this Chardonnay chilled, could be a great party.