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Wine Park

Wine Party 101!

Fill you festive month with wholesome and conversation addled wine parties and with the following rundown of essentials, you’re all set.
It is that time of year to open your doors and wine collection to family and friends and have yourself a good ol’ wine party. Wine is all about the fascinating discovery of flavours and so too about sharing that special sensory journey with the community, engaging in conversations and celebrating a shared passion. It is important however to do it properly. As any wine enthusiast will affirm, a wine party isn’t a spur of the moment event. It takes some planning, attention to detail and etiquette and above al, having all the elements in place so that nothing get in the way of enjoying wine at its best with all your guests.

So, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to get a proper wine party going until the ferment runs out which, with Wine Park, it never will! We’ve picked out a quartet of very approachable wines to represent the classic wine types – white, red, rose and sparkling. These wines that will appeal to just about everyone with palates of flavours that best express the varietal and style. We recommend you crisply read up on the back story of each of these wines as your guest will most likely be curious to know once they have a taste.

And to do fine justice to this good bunch of wines, we’ve lined up boutique crystal glassware and decanters from the highly acclaimed German company Schott Zwiesel. The decanter will immaculately open up the ripe and expressive reds while the dedicated white and red wine glasses will enhance the distinct nuances of the respective wines as they land on the palate. Do have an ice bucket handy in the living room to keep the wines well cooled throughout the shindig and be mindful of serving temperatures – 10 to 12 degrees for the white and sparkling and 15 to 17 degrees for the reds. When pouring and refilling glasses, keep it to an appromixate 125 ml. Topping a wine glasses is nowhere near the same thing as filling a beer mug. Have a few pull tap wine openers handy so that no one has to wait around for bottles to be uncorked. That just about covers all bases so set the date, chill the wines, roll out them glasses and let the good time roll.

Vinologist Sauvignon Blanc 2019
This fresh, fruity white wine has pleasing notes of lime, gooseberry and flavours of pear, melon and passion fruit, finishing clean on the palate.
Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Rosato 2019
This delightfully aromatic Italian rose wine from Veneto drinks light and crisp with floral notes and flavours of cherry and melon, lifted by refreshing acidity.
Collavini, IL Grigio Spumante NV
This pleasingly fresh Italian sparkling wine smells of pear and apple, tasting of citrus and crisp acidity.
Saint Cosme, Little James’ Basket Press Red NV
This popular Southern French red wine has an expressive palate of raspberry and spice, balanced by silky tannins.
Schott Zwiesel, Air Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6)
These meticulously crafted crystal wine glasses with a unique, patented design allows the red wines to fully express themselves on the palate.
Schott Zwiesel, Air White Wine Glasses (Set of 6)
These premium crystal glasses especially designed for whites wines, enhance their delicate flavours and acidity, making for a sublime tasting experience.
Schott Zwiesel, Diva Decanter
This fine crystal decanter handcrafted by the celebrated German company, opens up red wine’s flavours, letting it breathe and be tasted at its best.