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Wine Party Covered In Five

Show them how it’s done this December with our crisp wine party guide containing recommended wines, cheeses, wine glasses, crystal glasses et al. Yeah, we’ve got you covered, this festive month.
Year-end parties will always be a thing – it’s not just an excuse to revel but to pause, reconnect and reminisce a year that for most is inevitably chequered with good friends over even better wine. And if you’re gonna do it often enough across December, why not do it proper. As you open your doors and wine collection to family and friends for a good ol’ wine party. And to make it something actually special, isn’t a spur of the moment event. It takes some planning, attention to detail and all the elements in place so that nothing get in the way of you and your party gang e at its best. To start with, you’ve got to roll out wines that will appeal to all palates and pour them in wine glasses that’ll make them taste the way they should.
And if you’re planning on opening that full bodied red wine you’ve been saving up, then take things up a notch with a crystal decanter that will make the shy bottled red open up like a champ. Please don’t forget that invisible but significant element of service temperature. Do have an ice bucket handy in the living room to keep the wines well cooled throughout the shindig and be mindful of serving temperatures – 10 to 12 degrees for the white and sparkling and 15 to 17 degrees for the reds. Finally, who doesn’t love some cheese to match with the wine – go on, throw in the ‘uber’ element with a tasty cheese platter to pair with wines. We’re listing it all down for you to get it started.
Wines For All Palates
First up, the indispensable essential – the wine itself. Now there’s a cardinal mistake in selection that even amateur wine experts land up making, nevermind the rank beginner. They buy up wines to try to impress their guests rather than just pour out something everyone will enjoy. Yes, wine is fascinating because of the panoply of flavours and styles, but hey, it’s a party – just pick a bunch of ferments that most people will enjoy sipping. So get some easy drinking and straight up fruity wines – crisp whites, light sparklers, refreshing rose and elegant reds. We’ve picked out a range of approachable wines that will please a variety of palalates. There won’t be an empty glass in the house.
Sparkling wines
Bisol, BELSTAR Cult, Prosecco Extra Dry NV
Man Family Sparkling Chenin Blanc, 2021
White Wines
Susana Balbo, Crios Torrontes 2020
Robertson Winery, Natural Sweet White Wine NV
Rose Wines
AIX Provence Rose 2021
Matias Riccitelli, Hey Rosé 2021
Red Wines
Man Family Wines, Merlot, Jan Fiskaal 2021
Dog Point, Pinot Noir 2017
Dog Point, Pinot Noir 2019
Needing Glasses
Yes you do, Wine glasses are essential, party or otherwise. Wine has to be consumed in a wine glass. This isn’t a snobbish refrain – it’s a simple fact that stands on solid scientific ground though we won’t agonise you with detail, Crystal wine glasses ensure that you taste wine at its best – its curvaceous architecture allows the wine to open up and breath while also determining where the wine lands on your palate. So simply take our word for it – hold the rock glasses and line up the good looking wine glasses. Browse our range of curated Lucaris glasses:
Decanter With Style
You must wonder if we’re taking this a touch too far. Most people are still bemused by the fuss over wine glasses but we’re raising the ante by trotting out the decanter. A crystal decanter apart from being a curvaceous piece of art serves a vital purpose – making that extra special bottle of red wine taste at its very best. So uncork that red you’ve been saving up and plunge it into the decanter that will unlock the aged wine’s aromas and flavours. And just see what the shapely vessel will do for your wine creds as you graciously pour the ferment from decanter into the keenly held empty glasses. Alright! Buy your decanter now at :
Cheese Pairings
So we’re not trying to convert your chilled out wine party into an elite wine soiree with the ‘wine and cheese’ thing. It’s actually quite delicious and a lot of fun. Wine teems with intense flavours while cheese has a good amount of fat content. The delectable interplay between wine’s intense flavours and cheese’s texture and fat content is a sensory gift that keeps only giving so why not receive and relish. Cheese allows your palate to pick up on the wine’s many flavours while softening sharp elements like high acid and tannins. Refreshing sparkling wine is a great foil for brie and feta cheese. Acidic white wines pair nicely with richly textured cheese like gouda and cheddar. Bring on burrata mozzarella for the roses while red wines are an ideal for aged cheeses like parmesan and pecorino. Time to popular the cheese platter.