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Bisol is a name that is part of the history of Prosecco: It’s tradition has been intimately linked to the territory of Valdobbiadene since the Bisol family began the grape growing and wine making business in 1542, handing it down from father to son. The Bisol family directly cultivate 20 of the best-located plots for grape growing. The feather in the cap is the plot nurtured on the summit of the Cartizze hill, the world’s most expensive vineyard dedicated to bubbles.

Bisol express the vocation of the hills of Valdobbiadene at the very highest levels which is manifested in a collection of labels of the highest quality. Gianluca Bisol and Desiderio Bisol, the 21st generation of the family, jealously guard the ‘secrets’ handed down from father to son through two specific methods, in the vineyard and in the winery. In the vineyard Bisol’s method aims at the well-being of the vine and environment sustainability thanks to careful research into biodiversity. In the winery Bisol’s method aims at enhancing the character of each single plot of earth thanks to a range of 4 natural fermentation methods.

“Prosecco’s strength”, Gianluca Bisol tells us “lies not in being considered a Status Symbol, but rather a Lifestyle Symbol: in fact, our Prosecco is delicate, modern, versatile, sustainable and represents the Italian Style of Life”.