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1896: Collavini’s family enological history begins. Eugenio, the founder, supplies the best udinese’s families with his wines without ever imagining that a century later they would reach the world over.

1970: a first innovative turn in the area of sparkling wines takes the winery to the peak of notoriety with Ribolla Gialla Brut, result of a careful research and an original method. This sides Il Grigio, already diffused in the markets and appreciated for the blend of Prosecco and Chardonnay. In those years the possessions are enriched with the acquisition of an old manor of the XVI century in Corno di Rosazzo to become the family’s residence and the cellars.

1980: Collavini’s operations are all combined in this prestigious residence and Manlio, the present owner, enlarges the varieties of DOC’s production, pledges important investments for evolved and functional structures to enhance the standards of efficiency and quality.

1996: the true quality turn takes place with a comprehensive pogram that goes from loyalty of the growers that provide the grapes supervised and controlled by an agronomist in the running of the vineyards, to the upgrading of the structures that take account of soft pressing and temperatre controlled vinification.

Today: Investments and technology, strict criteria’s of characteristics and love for Friuli, place today the winery to the peak of the territory’s production with further space for growth and success