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Wines Women Want

International Woman’s Day is a fine occasion to raise the glass in earnest tribute to the ladies and also to perhaps cast a light on the ferment styles they most prefer
The world collectively raises a toast to the female of the species, March 8, for their indispensible role in making the wheels turn. International Woman’s day was celebrated throughout this week with the uncorking of a fine assortment of wines. So as we fill our glasses to toast the ladies, it’s a good time to delve into the style of wines that women prefer. It’s already an established fact that women are their households chief wine buyers and more significantly, superior tasters to their lesser halves – their palate is better relied upon when choosing the wine at dinner. So what are the styles that women mostly go for?
Sparkling Wines
Bubblies are a major draw for women, given their generally easy drinking and pleasing expression. Elegance and glamour are inseparable to the sight of a popped bottle of Champagne and a crystal tulip topped with that finest of French sparklings. Women love the crisp palate and soft texture of sparkling wines and besides Champagne and Prosecco, Cava from Spain is beginning to trend with the ladies. We’ve got a good bunch of them to chose from.
Bisol, BELSTAR Cult, Prosecco Extra Dry NV
Gramona, La Cuvee, Brut Gran Reserva 2013
Phillipe Gonet, Blanc de Blanc, Brut NV
White Wines
Women adore white wine and some very specific styles that lean towards a wholesome fruit profile balanced by subtle acidity. Chardonnay tops the list of preferences followed by mellow Sauvignon Blanc. New world Chardonnay, especially from the like of New Zelaland and South America that mostly unoaked and fruit forward find favour for their approachable, food friendly style. Women also love Rieslings, particularly for their balance of floral notes, understated acidity and distinct mineral finish, reminiscent of the German style.
Apaltagua, Gran Verano, Chardonnay 2019
Man Family, Warrelwind Sauvignon Blanc 2019
Kesselstatt, RK Riesling 2018
Now, it might almost seem like a cliché that women should like rose wines and while the pinkish wine is favoured by them, it’s not simply then colour that drives their choice. The wine’s colour is a subject that overshadows the remarkable fact that there are so many different rose styles ranging from the lightly tinged to deeper colour and structure. The new and old world also take a different approach to producing roses, ranging from choice of varietal to the level of maceration (skin contact). Women do tend to prefer the vintage, refreshing Southern French style rose, widely produced in Provence and it’s a happy coincidence that we inducted one of the finest at the turn of 2020.
Aix Provence Rose 2019
Boekenhoutskloof, The Wolftrap Rose 2019
Red Wines
Now while there’s been an overwhelming notion, especially in this country that women are averse to full bodied and tannic reds of the like that emerge from Bordeaux and Tuscany, this is an opportune time to lay that myth to rest. Women love Bordeaux and a whole slew of Tuscan reds, especially Chianti Classico and Brunello Di Montalcino. Tasting surveys have revealed that women do in fact plump for big wine styles so long as there’s a consistent balance between fruit and structure. The trouble’s largely been with some overly ripe reds from the New World with massive alcohol heat. Those just won’t do. Besides Sangiovese and Cabernet blends, women also like straight Merlots for their soft texture and rounded tannins. The one red wine that lords over most for women however is the Pinot Noir, that most elegant red wine that packs flavours of fruit and earth, combining power and subtlety with fine balance.
Brancaia, Chianti Classico 2018
Vinologist, Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
Allan Scott, Estate Bottled Merlot 2018
Saint Clair, Pinot Noir 2019