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Your Ultimate Diwali Wine Party Guide

You can host a memorable wine party this Diwali thanks to our ultimate Diwali Wine Party Guide featuring all the essential elements to need to keep the guest joyous and in the festive mood. Cheers!
This Diwali, if you plan to raise the stakes on the festivities by hosting a grand wine party, Wine Park has you covered. Read our ultimate Diwali Wine Party Guide that fills you in on all you need to host a great bash. The most essential element of a memorable wine party is the wine itself so we’ve handpicked a festive set of wines to please all palates, ranging from lip smacking white wines, floral roses and smooth and fruity reds from across France, Italy, South Africa and more. The second wine party indispensable is the wine glass. We wouldn’t want you to harangue you with a detailed explanation of why wine should always only be enjoyed in wine glasses – take our word for it You’ll also need wine accessories namely easy to use wine openers and don’t forget to serve the wines at the right temperature — 8 to 10 degrees Celsius for white wines and sparklings and 15 degrees Celsius for the reds. We’ve listed below, all the essentials you will need to nail the wine party, this Diwali. Cheers!
Reds, Whites, Sparklers!
Stock up on a wide selection of easy drinking whites, sparkling wines and wholesome red wines to cater to a variety of tastes at your party. Browse our entire collection at to pick out your favourites. We suggest :
Loimer, Gruner Veltliner Kamptal 2021
Crisp fruit and pleasing minerality on this easy drinking style of Austria’s most famous local grape.
Bisol, BELSTAR Cult, Prosecco Extra Dry NV
A festive Italian sparkler that shines with dollops of citrus fruit and apple, lifted by minerality, this Prosecco is the ideal Diwali party starter.
Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia Rosato 2020
Our perennial best seller that expresses bright fruit, breezy acidity, finishing clean and refreshing.
Robertson Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
Classic South African Cab that crackles with wholesome red fruit, tinges of spice and smooth tannins that nicely linger.
Wine Glasses
It ain’t a wine party if you ain’t got the wine glasses. Wine can only be best enjoyed in a wine glass. Wine glasses allow the wine to open up and release delicate flavours and aromas. The shape of the wine glass also determines where the wine lands on your palate which makes a big difference in how you experience the wine. The wine glass’s stem also ensures your hand doesn’t warm and close off the wine. And we’ve got a fine selection of crystal glasses for reds whites and sparkling wines from Lucaris that will ensure that your guests will drink the wine at its best.
Wine Accessories
A lot of wines are closed under cork so you should keep a few wine openers handy to ensure that the wine keeps flowing. Do check our our range of easy to use, nifty wine openers.
A decanter is vital to a wine party especially if you’ve chosen to open some premium and full bodied red wines from Italy, France and Spain. The decanter is a tastefully designed, handcrafted crystal vessel whose sole purpose is to make the red wine breather and unlock its aromas and flavours that would otherwise take too long to fully open up as the wine has sat under bottle for several years. The decanter in a matter of a few hours, magically opens up big red wines, allowing them to fully breathe and be enjoyed at their very best.
Beers & Meads
So not everyone may have a palate for wine but they’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, make sure they have a splendid time with a chilled bunch of international and homegrown beers and meads from our selection.