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Wine Park

A Wine Paired Japanese Indulgence

Wine Park & Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai pair up to offer a wine paired Japanese Menu for a splendid home family feast this weekend!

The delicate and nuanced flavours of Japanese food rate as among the world’s most ripe for wine pairing and Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai and Wine Park have done just that with their jointly curated wine matched menu, that will be available for home delivery this weekend.

Japanese food and wine pairing as an idea and trend has thrived the world over given the international popularity of Japanese cuisine. And over time, some relatively accurate pairing insights have emerged. For instance, the famous staples of sushi and sashimi that comprise raw fish and pickled vegetables need wines of fresh and clean flavours like light bodied sparkling and white wines like Riesling and Pinot Grigio. Further, grilled (Teriyaki) and fried dishes (Tempura) beckons for medium bodied texture and bright acidity which are boxes well ticked by the likes of new world Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

This Japanese Menu crafted by the hotel’s Executive Chef Anupam Gulati is a veritable platter of Japan’s finest cuisine hits like spicy seafood sushi and teriyaki glazed seafood. Wine Park head and founder Vishal Kadakia has matched Chef Anupam’s Oriental spread with a range of new and old world ferments that best compliment and enhance the dishes with fruity and savoury expression.

The wine paired Japanese menu comes from the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai’s restaurant of diverse Asian cuisine, San:Qi (the three energies) that features Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian fare crafted by the Hotel’s Master Chef to bring forth a mélange of delicate and robust flavours.

The Japanese Menu is priced pricing at

Rs 3250 plus taxes for the Vegetarian choice and

Rs 3750 plus taxes for the Non-Vegetarian Choice. The wines are all priced at MRP.

Seafood & Vegetarian Choices Paired with Wine Park’s selection:

Seaweed Kombu Cured Salmon with Miso Sesame Dressing

Kombu cured salmon, wakame, miso, rice vinegar and sesame dressing, nori sheet


Seaweed Kombu Cured Heart of Palm with Miso Sesame Dressing

Kombu cured heart of palm, wakame, miso, rice vinegar and sesame dressing, nori sheet


Bisol Belstar Cult Prosecco Extra Dry NV

The Belstar Cult Prosecco is a pleasing Italian sparkler that drinks light and crisp with flavours of citrus, green apple and a whiff of minerality.

Spicy Salmon with Green Onion Togarashi Roll

Salmon, spicy sauce, spring onion, toga rashi, gari wasabi


Spicy Takuwan, Cucumber and Sun-dried tomato Togarashi Roll

Pickled radish, cucumber sun-dried tomato, spicy sauce, spring onion, togarashi, gari wasabi


St. Urbans-Hof, QbA, Riesling “Old Vines” 2018

Produced in Germany’s best Riesling wine region, this wine has delicate fruity aromas and delightful sweetness, balanced by crisp acidity.

Ginger Teriyaki Glazed Chilean Seabass

Oven roasted Chilean sea bass, ginger teriyaki glaze, cucumber, tomato, cabbage


Ginger Teriyaki Glazed Pan Seared Tofu

Pan seared tofu, ginger teriyaki glaze, cucumber, tomato, cabbage

The Main course is accompanied by stir fried rice with burnt garlic, asparagus, peppers, butter garlic and soya garlic.



Saint Clair, Sauvignon Blanc 2017

This Kiwi white wine crackles with intense flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit and a hint of capsicum enhanced by zesty acidity and lingering mineral finish.

Vietti, Barbera D’ Asti Tre Vigne 2017

From an Italian region known for big red wines, comes this smooth and medium bodied ferment that expresses a fine balance of red fruit and silky tannins.

Chocolate and Macha Opera

Dark chocolate, green tea, almond flour

You can call Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai at +91 7710033143  to order the fine wine paired Japanese Menu available on August 29 and 30.