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Grenache Blanc

This grape variety is found to be a mutation of the red version of the Grenache grape from Spain. It is a white wine grape characterized by high alcohol and low acidity along with citrus or herbaceous notes.

It is the fourth most widely planted grape variety in France due to its rich bright flavour and crisp acidic nature. Grenache Blanc also responds well in low temperatures of fermentation which helps it to produce wine more speedily and with a scented flavour.

A different variety of Grenache Blanc from Terra Alta is used in the production of wine in the United States. It has been the fifth most widely planted grape in France. This grape is also grown in Australia and California.

Interesting Facts

In 1976, a variety of Grenache Blanc was identified by ampelographer Paul Truelin in Australia known as ‘White Grenache’.

Rhone is also known as the second home for Grenache Blanc.