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Originated in Spain, most likely in the northern province of Aragon, Grenache also known as Grenache Noir, to distinguish it from its white counterpart Grenache Blanc is widely planted in the southern Rhone Valley. It is also the second most planted grape variety in the world.

Grenache grape has a relatively low pigment and malic acid, thus oxidizes readily. It is mostly used to “fill out” red blends and soften harsher partners, such as syrah and carignan.

This particular grape variety tends to age rapidly and is alsoprone to oxidation or maderization in a relatively short time in a bottle. The thin skin and lack of colouring phenolic compounds makes Grenache a useful variety for the production of pale rose.

Interesting Facts

Grenache is also known as Garnacha in Spain.

Grenache also makes some wonderful fruity rose wines in Spain and France.