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Roero Arneis

The grape is called ‘Arneis’ but since it is commonly found in the hills of the Roero, northwest of Alba – the name ‘Roero Arneis’. Arneis is a white grape variety found in the Piedmont region of Italy which is believed to be a difficult variety to grow. The white wines made from the Arneis grape tend to be dry and full body with notes of pears and apricots.

The wines’ trademark is its exotic perfume and elegance. It expresses its best potential in the first three years of life. Arneis grape was traditionally used to soften the tannins and harshness of Nebbiolo grape in the wines of the Barolo region.

Interesting Facts

The name Arneis means ‘little rascal’ in the Piemontese dialect.

Suggested Serving Temperature for Roero Arneis wine is 12 °C/54 °F, it gives a fruit and floral texture.