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Increase your Wine Vocab

Wine Tasting are fun, aren’t they?! But ask us and we’ll tell you that they can also be very tricky!

Because wine tastings require you to think about the wine you are drinking and the flavours you are experiencing, as a novice it can be quite intimidating as one might find that they have run out of words to describe a wine. Picking notes in a wine is like giving it adjectives. It entails describing the fruit, herb, nuts, flower and other kind of aromas and flavours we sense in the wine. It is in fact a difficult skill to master, especially when you are just starting to explore the world of wine.

The best thing one can do is to increase their wine vocabulary is to familiarise themselves with more words. Below are some words but do exercise discretion when using them. Relevance is key, otherwise one can come off sounding like a wine snob without the knowledge to back it.

 Wine Vocab Chart

A wine with intense aromas

  • tremendous nose
  • bold aromas (red wine)
  • aromatic lift (white wine)
  • brooding
  • pungent

 A wine with less intense aromas

  • closed
  • light
  • soft
  • delicate
  • subtle

A wine with a strong taste

  • full-bodied
  • extracted
  • rich
  • flamboyant
  • persistent

A wine with less strong or mild taste

  • elegant
  • mellow
  • nuanced
  • subdued
  • airy

A wine with a smooth taste

  • supple
  • velvety
  • plush
  • opulent
  • rounded

A wine with a bitter after taste

  • chewy
  • firm
  • muscular
  • tannic
  • structured

These words should be used judiciously and subjectively.