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Four Things You Should Never Do To Your Wine Glass

You’ll be glad you never did the following to your wine glass and you’ll know for sure when you taste its vinous content
So wine glasses are indispensable to the pure enjoyment of wine hence this bulbous vessel deserves just as much respect and etiquette as wine itself and here’s a clutch of four things you must never do your wine glass just so that it can serve you best. Wine glasses are forever taken for granted and the undeserving target of mirth over all the fuss that wine drinking entails. But treat your wine glasses well by avoiding some pretty basal faux pax and the wine glass will reciprocate by containing wine drinking at its possible best.
Never forget to use when drinking wine
Well this one is a no brainer and still unsurprisingly still happens. Always trot out the wine glass when drinking wine. It’s very existential purpose is served and the wine drinks mostly like it should in a wine glass, sloshing around, breathing well and letting rip its generous layers of flavour. So yeah, never ignore your wine glass when you’ve cracked open that bottle.
Don’t wash with soap
Now this is an important housekeeping tip that never seems to catch on even with those who should know better. Never wash you wine glass with soap, only hot water. Soap leaves a trail of invisible residue that stay and corrupts the flavour of wine that pours into the glass henceforth. An entirely unnecessary spoilage of wine which you can spare yourself if you just hold the soap.
Don’t let go and top up
Doesn’t matter if you lost your job, got dumped or just realized you’re in your fifties and not ageing well. Donot pour more than 150 ml of wine into your glass at a time. Honour that notional line etched into the side of the crystal bulb and don’t go topping up the glass like it’s the wrong side of happy hour. You won’t enjoy the wine and the glass will be feel quite useless.
Don’t hold the bulb
So this is just wrong on account of optics and physics. It’s a needless lose lose. Don’t ever hold a wine glass by the bulb, only ever the stem or maybe riskily, the base if you want to appear weirdly stylish. Holding the wine glass by the bulb, makes the wine warm and less good to drink by the minute. Its also poor social form so pray, why do it. This one’s an easy dodge once you know it and why.