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Four Unique Whites That Deserve Discovery

As Wine Park recently shipped in a zesty yet little known Portuguese white wine called Loureiro produced by Quinta do Ameal, we invite you to explore our trove of wines vinified from unique grapes like Argentine star Torrontes, Austria’s Gruner Vetliner, Sicily’s smoky Carricante and of course, Loureiro.
Susana Balbo, Torrontes Mendoza 2022
Torrontés is an indigenous Argentine grape that stands out as a triumphant story of the new world. While most new world countries built their wine industry on the back of French grapes, Argentina’s modern wine success has been driven not just by Malbec but also the vibrant local white grape Torrontes. And Susana Balbo’s expression of Torrontes is truly special because she primarily championed the homegrown grape, lifting it from merely blending status to universal success and adoration. Argentina’s first woman winemaker crafted a cool climate white with a delectably perfumed nose and lively palate from fruit grown on Mendoza Valley’s high-altitude vineyards. Her Torrontes style is in vintage from, crackling with tones of lychee, citrus and rush of acidity, finishing clean.
Ameal Loureiro 2020
Portugal is synonymous with the gold standard of fortified wines but there are so many underrated vinous pearls that await discovery and we’ve recently shipped in a bright white from the country’s sunny northern reaches of Vinho Verde. This refreshing modern style white is produced from the little known Loureiro grape which the family estate of Quinta do Ameal specialises in growing and vinifying. Granite soils and oceanic winds coax brilliant expression out of the Louriero grape as does winemaker Pedro Araújo. The grape in fact lends exuberance to the famous Vinho Verde white blend and by itself shows aromatic floral notes and refreshing citrus and lime flavours laced with minerality and zip of acidity, good enough to earn 90 points from Wine Spectator.
Loimer, Gruner Veltliner Kamptal 2021
Austria hold the distinction for turning out innumerable light and fresh styles from its shining local star white grape Gruner Vetliner. Gruner Vetliner is often compared to Chardonnay for its ability to yield a number of styles. The Austrian grape takes its time to ripen and thrives in cool climate. The classic style beams with a perfumed, floral nose and coats the palate with bright tones of citrus, green apple and lime buoyed by generous acidity. This description is direct and high praise for owner winemaker Fred Loimer whose organic approach to viticulture and diligent winemaking brings it altogether in cool Kamptal, Austria’s go to region for high quality Gruner Vetliner.
Tornatore, Etna Bianco 2021
Sicily’s vines nestle and flourish under the Mediterranean sun off the mainland in Italy’s deep south. And while the island grows its fair share of marquee grapes, the edgy Mount Etna DOC contains a scarcely mentioned white wine by the name of Carricante which is perhaps amongst Italy’s bravest. Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and also sits in the vicinity of vineyards that benefit from the angry volcano’s rich mineral deposits and smoky influence. Amongst a select bunch of courageous wine estates is the rising star of Tornatore which is relatively young but is already at the top its game, harvesting fruit from vineyards sat 1000 metres above sea level. Francesco Tornatore has nurtured a vibrant Carricante style that drinks of copious melon, apple and citrus zest balanced by pure elegance and minerality.