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Super Rated Whites Under Rs 3,000

Is it actually possible highly rated and critically acclaimed international wines at under Rs 3000. Yes it is and here are three white wines that overdeliver that score high with oenophiles and retail at tremendous value.

Wine is always up for judgement and scrutiny, be it decorated critics or the amateur type not to forget opinionated wine lovers.  And you would think that favourably rated wines would automatically have their prices driven into inaccessible territory. But one of the many things that makes wine so endearing is that it is in fact possible to find wines that are universally cheered for their quality and remain priced at a bargain. Wine Park in fact excels in sourcing out highly rated wined at great value. One of our most reliable benchmarks for wine ratings is ViVino, the world’s biggest and most credible wine ratings app where thousands of wines rated every day. Wine Park has one of the India’s largest collection of highly rated ViVino wines. The reason why ViVino is both immensely popular and highly credible is because the platform is driven by millions of wine enthusiasts who constantly rate the wines they drink.

So there’s no agenda or promotional mandate – just pure and honest judgement of wine by those who love to drink it. ViVino regulars rate their wines from 1 to 5 and any wines rated 3.6 are regarded as great. ViVino 4.0 rated wines however figure among the app’s top 15. Speaking of ratings, Wine Park also a has an enviable collection of Rober Parker 90+ rated wines. Now Robert Parker is an American wine writer and critic who rose to dizzying heights of popularity and reverence through the dint of his palate and highly opinionated stance on wines. He brought to the table a curious palate and an approach of judging  wines based on how he believed they should taste. This approach to tasting and rating wines disrupted the wine world as we know it and cutting to the chase, 90+ points bestowed on any wine by Mr Parker  catapulted the wine to instant iconic status, invariably selling out. And what if you had a chance to taste wines, weighted highly by ViVino and Mr Parker, at bargain prices under Rs 3,000? Oh, to hell with ‘what if’. We’ve actually got three super rated white wines under Rs 3,000 in stock so go for it.

Tenuta Sant Antonio Scaia White 2019 (Rs 2905)
One of long time bestsellers, this cool climate Italian white, organically vinified by a band of brothers in Veneto is a fascinating blend of local grape Garganega and French noble grape Chardonnay. This overtly fruity Veneto white is also rated.2 by ViVino. A stunningly balanced white wine is a fine example of modern wine making from a country of traditional wine making values and dazzles the senses with floral aromas and flavors of fresh citrus, pineapple, and mango and great acidity thanks to exuberant fruit handpicked from vineyards rooted in chalky limestone soil.
Susana Balbo, Crios Torrontes 2019 (Rs 2984)
There are so many good reasons to buy this wine – it’s produced from Argentina’s star local grape, vinified by Argentina’s first woman winemaker and oh, Robert Parker loved it enough to rate the white ferment 90 points and those high numbers don’t easy. The vibrant and crisp Torrontes is a sheer delight, bursting with floral notes and flavours of fresh citrus, peach and lychee, elevated by piping acidity. Produced from handpicked fruit on Mendoza’s high altitude vineyards, this exuberant white wine is perfect for some indulgent Sunday brunching and at such good value, perhaps make it a case!
Loimer, Gruner Veltliner Kamptal 2018 (Rs 2899)
This perennial pleaser of white wine is as much a pleasure to drink as it is, preceded by great reputation. Vinified by owner winemaker and modern revolutionary Fred Loimer, this delectably easy drinking and fruit forward white impressed the hell of Robert Parker, earning it a rare 91 points. Gruner Vetliner is Austria’s indigenous and most popular wine grape, turning out crisp and refreshing whites, perfectly exemplified by this popular Loiumer style, which teems with flavours of lime, apples and spice, laced with minerality and finishing clean.