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Wine Park

Three Ways To Chardonnay

To know Chardonnay, you’ve got to taste Chardonnay. And to pave the way to an intimate and enjoyable acquaintance with the world’s most planted white wine grape, we’ve handpicked three of our finest and varied Chardonnay expressions.

Think you know your Chardonnays pretty well? Think again. From lean and sparkling to rich, creamy white wines aged in oak, there isn’t just one style for one of the world’s most versatile wine grapes. Yes, Chardonnay is French by origin but very international in every sense. This white wine grape thrived in the French region of Burgundy, turning out wines of great balance and the rare capacity to barrel age beautifully.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Chardonnay conquered vineyards across Europe and the New World with its special ability to adapt to almost any terroir, crafting a number of different styles ranging from bone dry to vigorously fruity to oak matured opulence. There are so many good ways to Chardonnay so we’re leading you through at least three of Wine Park’s finest, plucked from the treasured cellars of Burgundian great, Christian Moreau, acclaimed South African family estate Thelema and organic New Zealand vintners Dog Point.

Christian Moreau, Chablis 2018
Chablis is almost synonymous with high quality Chardonnay and this wine is one of the reasons why! The fine Burgundian white has expressive layers of up front fruit like tropical fruits and lemons, balanced by fresh acidity and is a perfect introduction to this very traditional French family estate.
Thelema Chardonnay 2018
Perhaps one of South Africa’s best Chardonnay expressions, this opulent white wine comes from the country’s cool Elgin Valley, balancing the exuberance of fruity notes like guava and citrus with the finesse of oak and delighting the palate with overall elegance!
Dog Point, Chardonnay 2017
Our newest Chardonnay which is already so popular, this organic wine produced by a bunch of creative New Zealand oenologists shows beautifully on the palate, expressing notes of citrus and grapefruit complimented by smoke and gunflint, finishing elegantly.