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Party Up With Our 2022 Bestsellers!

Light up year-end celebrations with Wine Park’s bestsellers of 2022.
The end of the year focusses the mind on a vast landscape of elements that dot dozen full months just sped by. One of the more pleasing elements is the choice of wines you’ve been buying up and savouring all year long. At Wine Park, we do pretty much the same, proudly stacking up our list of bestsellers that keep running out stock and you’ve probably one of the wine enthusiasts responsible for our most welcome predicament. So we invite to Close out 2022 by enjoying our Bestsellers of 2022 featuring the Scaia range from Italy’s cool north that has become a bestselling mainstay from Italy, Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc which is arguably this grape’s best new world style, local South African star Pinotage that Indian wine drinkers have warmly embraced and phenomenal Malbec from Argentina’s first woman winemaker Susana Balbo. Light up your year-end celebrations with our bestselling wines you love to drink!
Saint Clair, Sauvignon Blanc 2021
It’s not surprise that the adorably crisp NZ Sauv Blanc from the Abbott family is a consistent bestseller on the Indian market. The Abbotts founded and grew Saint Clair into a venerated Marlborough institution and this wine is fine proof of that. This signature white abounds with flavours of passionfruit, and grapefruit with piping acidity leading to a beautiful finish. This winsome white wine has also scored 4.0 plus on ViVino and rightfully rules our bestseller list of 2022.
Tenuta Sant Antonio, Scaia White 2021
Chardonnay is nothing short of a modern day conqueror and has carpeted vineyards on nearly every continent. In Italy’s cool Veneto region, the grape has turned out a bright style which Tenuta Sant Antonio has masterfully blended with the local Garganega grape, giving up our perennial favourite white. This refreshing and floral style tastes of citrus and mango, peppered with good acidity. Yet another Vivino 4.1 winner, drink this delightful Italian white today.
Man Family Wines, Pinotage, Bosstok 2020
Man Family Wines, Pinotage, Bosstok 2020
South Africa has inarguable bragging rights over owning a original homegrown grape the world has grown to adore. Pinotage is a cross between two grapes, crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsault created by South African scientist Abraham Izak. Man Family successfully crafted an accessible yet wholesome style of Pinotage that expresses a palate of plum and blackberry and a whiff of dark chocolate, settling on the back of soft tannins.
Brancaia, TRE 2019
A medium bodied and thoroughly expressive super Tuscan, Brancaia Tre is the harmonious coming together of two noble French grapes with local Italian hero fruit Sangiovese. Deft Brancaia winemaker Barbara Widmer has nurtured this Franco-Italian blend into a phenomenal ferment that dishes out notes with blackberry, cherry and coffee flavours cradled by silky tannins on an impressive finish. No wonder, we keep needing fresh stock.
Susana Balbo, Crios Malbec 2020
Revered American wine critic wasn’t too big on Argentina to begin with but as he warmed up to the South American’s country’s ferments, he was especially impressed by a certain Susana Balbo’s work in Mendoza. The first Argentine woman winemaker’s Mablec is rated 91 points by Parker for good reason — a full bodied veneer of flavours like cherries and blackberries tinged with spice and lorded over by velvety tannins. This gourmet wine belongs on the dinner table all through holiday season and then some.
The Chocolate Block 2020
With a name like that, this wine was just destined for fame. Its maker Marc Kent though doesn’t rely on the name to launch wine lovers into a trance. He lets the wine do the impressing which it does with opulent tones of blackberry, vanilla and signature dark chocolate. This red blend of five noble French grapes is singular fermented art, rated ViVino 4.2 and if you still find our top bestseller on website today, buy it now for the inevitable vinous trance.